Image Consulting


Color Analysis & Image Consultation
Learn what colors, shapes & styles are right for you.
During this session we will take the guesswork out of getting dressed! You will discover your best colors and styles, your most flattering shapes and the key components of your unique personal style. You will receive the tools, tips and techniques you need to choose the clothing and accessories that best suit you. The result? You will get dressed with greater ease and shop with more confidence than ever before.

Style on The Spot
Send me your real-time shopping and styling questions
Wondering if the outfit you put together works? Need to know what type of shoe best pairs with your pants? Want help deciding if you should put the item in question in your shopping cart? I already know what works for you and what you like. I will provide text, phone or email support to answer any styling or shopping questions that arise. This service is perfect for the existing client who wants ongoing support between sessions.

In Person Styling
Discover head-to-toe looks that inspire you to get dressed!
After our strategy call, I will ask you to upload to your virtual closet photos of your key clothing and accessory items, as well as any pieces that are difficult to pair. I will then work my magic and pull together 10-15 head-to-toe outfits and add them to your online lookbook. You will discover helpful tips and styling tricks to recombine your pieces and get more mileage from what you already own. The result? You will eliminate the frustration of “I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.”

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