Hello Beautiful! Thank you soooo much for visiting April’s House VIP.  We now encourage you to stop…..take a deep breath….relax…..exhale…..and…..feel better.

Our goal is to remind you that YOU are the “Very Important Person” in you own life.  You deserve the best and taking care of your self helps to take care of everyone else.

Your contributions to our planet are important! We all need to be at our best to help humanity evolve as we ourselves evolve.

Our motto is “Life Beautiful”. It sounds so simple, but how many of us really take the time to dote and love on ourselves? Are we manifesting the beautiful lives each and every one of us desires or our we giving so much that we’re empty and feel depleted?

Here you’ll find a positive and supportive place where women focus on lifting each other up, not tearing into each other.

No, that’s not what we do here, at April’s House VIP, we offer encouragement and guidance to help you remember that you were already born with beauty and grace. IT’S YOUR BIRTHRIGHT and something ever woman possesses.

Yasssssss, you have been blessed from BEFORE day 1 and we want to help you step back into your SHINE!!

No, its not self-ish it’s called self-care and its necessary for you, me, all of us, to grow and blossom into our true selves.

Family and work demands can leave us feeling alone while carrying the weight of everyday life on our shoulders.

We get tired too, but remembering to take time and love your self ,will help you find your self strength, which will remind you of your self beauty which can lead to your self healing.

Take a little time for yourself, sit back, kick your shoes off, and enjoy the ride!